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(Fear takes molehills for mountains)Humanist and humorous animated puppetfilm series Miriam for pre-school children.
Miriam is not yet a schoolgirl and she is just like any little girl in the world. But Miriam has a hen for a friend. And like with other usual girl, who has got a hen for a friend, she also has to be prepared for some absolutely extraordinary things...
Series depicts various scenes in the everyday life of a child and her friend Hen.
While Father and Mother are outside, Miriam, Little Brother and Hen start playing hide-and-seek. Hen hides in a suitcase but the suitcase gets locked in a cupboard. Miriam and Little Brother get really scared, when spilt ketchup leaves "bloody" trail on the floor and someone makes horrible noises in the cupboard. Fortunately after some fighting everything gets sorted out.

Special thanks to...:
Eesti Kultuurkapital
Eesti Filmi Sihtasutus


2014/ "eLU Vivre i`Estonie a`Nantes" Nantes France 05.15.12.

2014/ Kiki International Film Festival for Children Croatia
(shorts for children from Estonia )

2013/ FESTROIA- International Film Festival of Setubal Portugal 07.-16.06.
2012/ New Horizons International Film Festival Warsaw Poland
2010/ 20th Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival Brazil
2008/ 1.International Animated Film Festival Animator Poznan Poland 7.-12.07.
2008/ Cineketje Cinema Nova Brussels Belgia 11.05.
2008/ National Celtic Festival South Melbourne Victoria Australia June
2008/ 20th European Youth Film Festival of Flanders Antwerpen Belgie 02.- 10.02.
2007/ Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF ) Bergen Norway 17.-24.10.
2007/ Cartoons on the Bay Roma Italy 19.-22.04.
2007/ Plein la bobine , 5th Sancy Film Festival for Young People Paris, France 16.-20.06.
2007/ Little Big Shorts International Children`s Film FestivalSouth Melbourne
Victoria Australia Jun 2007-May 2008
2007/ 17th International Children and teenagers Film Festival Cine Junior Paris France 31.01.-13.02.
2007/ Cartoons on the Bay Roma Italy 19.-22.04.
2006/ 22nd International Short Film Festival Interfilm Berlin Germany 7.-12.11.
2006/ Children and Youth Film Festival Madrid Spain Estonian retospectiv)13.-20.11.
2006/ VIII Biennial of Animation Bratislava - The International Festival of Animated films for Children BAB -Bratislava Slovak Republic 17.-21.10.
2006/ London International Animation Festival (LIAF) UK 22.-27.08.
2006/ Melbourne International Animation Festival 20.-25.06.
2006/ PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL Mnchen Germany 5.-10.05.
2006/ 16th Cairo International Film Festival for Children Egypt 2.03.-9.03.
2006/ Kristiansand International Children`s Film Festival (KICFF) Norway
2006/ 13. Internationales Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart-festival of Animated Film Germany 27.04.-02.05.
2006/ Travelling Rennes Film Festival Elephant dr France 4.03.-14.03.06.
2006/ The First International Animated Film Festival RFAF Neum Bosnia Hercegovina 09.-15.01.2006
2006/ 16th of the International Children and Teenagers Film Festival Cine Junior Paris France 18.01.-01.02.
2005/ Szimla Film Festival Hungary
2005/ Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival-Curta Cinema 2005
Brasil 1.-11.12.
2005/ Shortfilm Festival zwergWERK Oldenburg Germany 17.-20.11.
2006/ Taiwan International Children`s TV & Film Festival (TICTFF)
Taipei Taiwan 13.-17.01. Special Program-Animated Airport
2005/ 9th International Short & Independent Film Festival Dhaka Bangladesh
2005/ ANIMADRID- VI International Animated Film Festival of Madrid
section SHORT FILMS FOR CHILDREN 25.11.-2.12.
2005/ International festival of Films for Children and Young adults Tehran Iran
2005/ The 35 Roshd Internatinal Film Festival Tehran Iran 10.-17.11.
2005/ 21th International Short Film Festival (Interfilm) Berlin Germany 1.6.11.
2005/ 48th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film 3.-9.10.
2005/ Festival International du Film d`Amiens France 10.-20.11.
2005/ The International Animated Film Festival of Espinho CINANIMA Portugal
2005/ 20th Brest European Short Film Festival Brest France 5.-13.11.
2005/ Istanbul International Children`s Film Festival (IICFF) Turkey 20.-29.09.
2005/ Baltimaade Prix Jeunesse workshop Vilnius Lithunia 29.05.-2.06.
2005/ 13th Brazil`s International Animation Festival ANIMA MUNDI Brazil
2005/ Boshi Fond Breliin Germany May
2005/ 51. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen Germany 5.-10.05.
2005/ Children`s Film Festival GOLDENEN SPATZ Frankfurt Germany 02.05.
2005/ Festival Baltik-Balkan ( kino Cinema des Cineastes) Paris France 19.-26.04.
2005/ The Norwegian Film Institute Oslo, Norway March
2005/ 15th Cairo International Film Festival for Children Egypt 3.-10.03.
2005/ The International Festival of Animated Films Anifest Trebon Czech Republic
2005/ ANIMA 2005 Brussels Animation Film Festival Belgia 17.-29.02.05.

Creation techniques: marnukk/ classical puppetanimation
Year of production: 2004
Duration: 5 min
Premiere: 14.10.2004
Original format: digibeta
Colours: colour  
Sound format: stereo  
Genre: Childrens film  
Script: Peep Pedmanson ; piltstsenaarium/storyboard Rao Heidmets
Direction: Priit Tender
Camera: Ragnar Neljandi
Design: Ivika Luisk
Animation: Triin Sarapik, Andres Tenusaar
Music: Mrt-Matis Lill / Tiit Kikas
Sound: Tiina Andreas / Film Audio O
Puppets and decoration: K. Jaama, E.Mellow, P.Saarepuu, M.Eerik, K..Kbarsepp, T.Mrsepp, E.Maarits, H. Eeriksoo
Editing: Priit Tender, Ragnar Neljandi
Light: Roland Tiik, Olari Lass
Producer: Arvo Nuut ; loovprodutsent/creative producer Mait Laas
Production assistant: Maret Reismann
Produced by: Nukufilm O

  Film Workshop
In Nukufilm Studios there has been filmed the first digital stereocpical stop-animation puppet-film ever, together with Moscow Film and Photo Technology Reseach Institute NIKFI. NIKFI has come up with a special technology for making stereoscopical films and they have been awarded with Oscar in 1991...
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