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A documentary with the elements of animation about 85-year-old Elbert Tuganov and 80-year-old Heino Pars - two animators and artists who despite changing times have become masters of their domain...

The time of occurring of the real events is in a documentary The Kings of Time is not actually essential. It may be yesterday, today, tomorrow... And it may happen to you... and to me...
However, in the film, it all took place in the 1950s, the time when the first Sputnik was launched to the space, rivers were reversed and hydraulic power plants built. At the same time, in a far corner of the Soviet Union, two Estonian men started to play with puppets.
The protagonists of the 72-minute documentary are two different film directors, two different creators: Elbert Tuganov and Heino Pars, who, in spite of the changing times, have established themselves as the kings of time... and, quoting the chronicle films of their time: were the first Estonians who have flown all the way to the roof of the World cinema...

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Elbert Tuganovi perekond, Heino Parsi perekond, Heljo Tuganov, Ene Pars, Katrin Amos, Marje Jurtshenko, Raimo Jerand, Jaak Lhmus, Peep Puks, Kristiina Davidjants, Sibylle Kurz, Gabriela Brunnenmeyer, Nikolai Nikitin, Raivo Mllits, Tnu Talivee, Ragnar Neljandi, Priit Tender, Urmas Jemees, Olev Ehrlich, Aivar Niglas, Villem Tammaru, Hardi Volmer, Heli Meisterson, Arko Okk, Mihkel Misnik, Andr Eckardt, Natalja Lukinhh, Pearu Tramberg, Thomas Wilk, Nukufilmi pere, Nukufilmi Lastestuudio, abikaasa lle Laanemets

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2018/ 18th GOEAST Festival of Central and Eastern European Film
Wiesbaden Germany 18.-24.04. Special Symposium programme

2013/ 17th Seoul International Cartoon&Animation Festival (SICAF) Korea 24.-28.07.
Programe The People Focus

2011/ Laputa Animation Festival Japan Nov.

2011/ 6th Animst International Animation Film Festival Bucharest Romania 07.-16.10. ( retrospective )

2011/ Animatricks Animation Festival Helsinki Finland 13.-16.10.

2010/ 2010/ The International Animation Festival ANIMA MUNDI Rio de Janeiro,Sao Paulo Brazil 16.-25.07.;28..07-01.08.

2010/ 28th Fajr International Film Festival Tehran Iran 01.-11.02.

2009/ 6th Animateka International Animation Film Festival Ljubljana Slovenia 07.-13.12.

2009/ 8th Pune International Film Festival Pune India 18.-25.12.

2009/ 7th Chennai International Film Festival Chennai India 16.-24.12.

2009/ 23nd International Festival for Documentary Films Prnu Estonia 5.-12.07.

2009/ Recontres Audiovisuelles association loi 1901 Lille France 14.-19.04.

2008 Estonian Film-Critics Association - FILM OF THE YEAR 2008

2008 Estonian Cultural Endowment - BEST DOCUMENTARY OF THE YEAR 2008

2008/ 6. Vilnius Documentary Film Festival, Lithuania

2008/ 12. Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia - JURY`s PRIZE-

2008/ Nordic Film Days Lbeck, Germany

2008/ Baltic Film Festival Berlin, Germany

2008/ 27th Asolo ArtFilm International Film Festival,Italy

2008/ London International Animation Film Festival, England

2008/ Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia

2008/ 15th International Trickfilm-Festival -Festival of Animated Film
Stuttgart, Germany

2008/ Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria

Creation techniques: creative documentary
Year of production: 2008
Duration: 72
Premiere: 20.02.2008, kino
Colours: colour  
Sound format: stereo  
Script: Mait Laas, Peep Pedmanson
Direction: Mait Laas
Camera: Kristjan-Jaak Nuudi,Erik Norkroos, Raivo Mllits, Jevgeni Kokusev, Kullar Viimne, Erko Kuld
Design: Mait Laas
Animation: Mrt Kivi, Andres Tenusaar, Marili Toome, Raivo Mllits, Leo Ltti
Music: Tnu Krvits
Sound: Horret Kuus
Puppets and decoration: E.Mellow, K.Jaama, .Laanemets, P.Saarepuu, H.Eeriksoo, T.Mrsepp, K.Kbarsepp, A.Josing, O.Laamane
Editing: Kersti Miilen, Erik Norkroos, Mait Laas
Light: Olari Lass
Assistant: Katri Rannastu, Maret Reismann, Kerdi Oengo
Crew: Mait Eerik, Olger Bernandt, Kristjan Miilen, Ants Andreas, Jri Soor, Ulvi Tiit, Tnu Talivee
Cast: Mait Malmsten
Producer: Anneli Ahven, Arvo Nuut
Produced by: Exitfilm O, Nukufilm O

  Film Workshop
In Nukufilm Studios there has been filmed the first digital stereocpical stop-animation puppet-film ever, together with Moscow Film and Photo Technology Reseach Institute NIKFI. NIKFI has come up with a special technology for making stereoscopical films and they have been awarded with Oscar in 1991...
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