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(A film about) What happens when the Maker loses controle over his creation and it starts to obay it's own will. Highly reccommended for close attention to everyone involved in cloning, AI creation and otherwise witty people.


2018/ 30th Minimalen Short Film Festival Trondheim Norway 23.-28.01.
(Estonian program Nukufilm 60)

2017/ 20th Ismailia international Film Festival Egypt 04.-11.04.
Special programe

2014/ "eLU Vivre i`Estonie a`Nantes" Nantes France 05.15.12.

2014/ Helsinki Short Film Festival (HLEF ) Finland 11.-15.11.

2014/ CINANIMA _ The International Animated Film Festival of Espinho Portugal 10.-16.11. Rao retrospective

2014/ 20th Stuttgart International Film Festival Germany 23.-28.04.

2013/ ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival Yerevan Armenia 02.-08.11. retrospectiv

2009/ Laputa International Animation Festival hiroshima Japan 16.03.- 12.04. retrospective

2008/ Animation Festival Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche Udine 16.12. Italy

2008/ Animateka International Animation Film Festival (retrospective) Ljublana Slovenia 8.-14.12.

2008/ 1.International Animated Film Festival Animator Poznan Poland 7.-12.07.

2008/ International Animated Film Festival reAnimacja Lodz Poland 25.-27.04.

2008/ Hiroshima Film Festival Japan aug.

2008/ 9th Lucania Film Festival Italy 10-13.09.

2008/ Lucca Animation -International Festival of Animated Films Lucca Italy -
Estonian retrospective 22.-26.04.

2007/ Fredrikstadt Animation Festival Norway 7-11.11.

2007/ Warsaw Film Festival - Estonian Animation Program Poland 12.-21.10.

2007/ 50th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film Germany
29.10.- 4.11. programme Paradise

2007/ Short Film Festival BuSho Budapest Hungary 3.-7.08.

2007/ Rooftop Films Summer Series New York USA

2007/ Animated shorts films screening for a community arts radio station
Resonance London UK 18.07.

2007/ Tampere Film Festival Finland 7.-11. Nukufilm 50

2007/ New Europe Film Festival Edinburgh UK 24.03.-01.04.

2007/ 9th edition of Future Film Festival Bologna Italy 17.-21.01.

2006/ STADTKINO Estonian shortfilm program Basel Switzerland 26.Nov.

2006/ Short Film Night Tour Switzwerland Sept.-Nov.

2006/ 26th Amiens International Film Festival France 10.- 19.11.

2006/ 16th Cairo International Film Festival for Children Egypt 2.-9.03.

2006/ Sousse International Film Festival for Childhood and Youth (fifej) Tunise 19.-25.03.

2005/ VIII International Animated Film Festival ANIMAEVKA Mogiljov
Valgevene 15.-17.09. PRIZE TO MASTER

2005/ The Foundation Academy of Film Promotion Warsaw Poland 2.-12.

2005/ CinemAmbiente International Environmental Film Festival Torino Italy 30.09.-5.10.

2005/ Short and Animation Film Festival Castelfranco, Italy 9.-10.09.

2005/ Irish Animation Festival Kilkenny Ireland 1.-4.09.

2005/ Festival Animasia Indonesia 16.-22.09.

2005/ 5th International Animation Film Festival Fantoche Baden Switzerland
6.-11.09. - World Wide Hits programm

2005/ The 23th International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!
Poznan . Poland 6.-11.06.

2005/ Johannes Church Saarbrcken Germany 15.May

2005/ 26th Durban International Film Festival South Africa 15.-26.06.

2005/ Boshi Fond Breliin Germany May

2005/ VII FICA the International Festival of Environmental Film and Video
Cidade de Goias Brazil 31.05.-5.06.

2005/ 45th International Film Festival for Children and Youth Zlin Czech Republic 29.05.-04.06.

2005/ Seoul Animatheque Programs Korea 13.-22.05.

2005/ The Norwegian Film Institute Oslo, Norway March

2005/ Globale Festival (political project )Leipzig Germany 13.-20.04.

2005/ 19th International Nature and Environment Film Festival Grenoble France 15.-20.03.

2005/ 15th Cairo International Film Festival for Children Egypt 3.-10.03.

2005/ goEast-Festival of Central and Eastern European Film Wiesbaden
Germany 6.-12.04.

2005/ The 4th Biennal Tehran International Animation Festival(TIAF) Iran 6.-10.03.

2005/ Film Festival KONTRAST Bayreuth (Estonian films special program) Jan.
2005/ FLICKERFEST- 14th Australian International Short Film Festival Bondi Beach Sydney , Australia 7.-15.01.

2005/ Tiburon International Film Festival USA 11.-17.03.

2005/ 5th International Short Film Festival Lille France 25.03.-2.04.

2004/ The 2nd World Film Festival of Bangok 15.-24.10.

2004/ European Information Centre Darmstadt Germany

2004/ Aarhus Film Festival Danmark 27.-31.11.

2004/ TIFF- Tirana International Film Festival Albania 4.-10.12.

2004/ Projector Animation-Stimulation Dundee Contemorary Arts UK 9.-16.10.

2004/ Les nuits Magiques , 14th International Animated Film Festival Begles France 6.-12.12.

2004/ KOMEDIA 2004 .the 21th International Environmental Film Festival Freiburg, Germany 20.-23.10.

2004/ 3th International Film Festival for Childrens and Youth Buenos Aires Argentine 4.-10.11. SPECIAL MENTION OF THE OFFICIAL JURY

2004/ The 6th Puchon International Student Animation Festival PISAF South Korea 5.-9.11

2004/ Festival du Cinema International en Abitibi-Temiscamigue Quebec Canada 30.10.-4.11

2004/ Interfilm Berlin Germany 2.-7.11.

2004/ Estonian Days Poland Sept.

2004/ 17th Riga International Film Forum Arsenals 18.-26.09.

2004/ International Animated Film Festival Tindirindis Vilnius Lithuania 15.-19.09

2004/ Kinoshock Anapa 13.-22..09.

2004/ Stuttgart Culture Night Germany 23.10.

2004/ Media Art Festival Freisland The Niederlands 18.09.-02.10.

2004 58th Edingurgh International Film Festival UK 18.-29.0

2004/ 6th Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation Germany

2004/ The 10th International Animation Festival Hiroshima

2004/ 15th Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival Brazil

2004/ Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival SICAF Korea

2004 AVANCA International Meeting of Cinema ,TV,Video and Multimedia
Animation Prize

2004/ The festival of Les Feux de pailles,Fire Straw Provence, France 24.07.

2004/ New Zealand Film Festival Aug.

2004/ ANIMA MUNDI International Animation Festival of Brasil

2004/ XIV Message to Man International Documentary, Short and Animated Film Festival St.Petersburg Russia

2004/ Portugal Estonian Days

2004/ Eestimaa Ndal Guben Germany

2004/ Tel Aviv Animation Festival , programm Treasures of Creativity

2004/ ESTO New York 08.12.04. USA

2004/ 16th World Festival of Animated Films Zagreb 14.-19.06. Croatia

2004/ 28th International Animated Film Festival Annecy France 07.-12.06.04

2004/ 16th International Festival for Animation and Short Films Dresden Germany 13-18.04. 2004 - YOUTH OSCAR ANIMATION

2004/ ANOTHER CONNECTION InternationalFilm and Music Festival
Mediawave 23.04.-01.05.04 Hungary

2004/ Moscow VIII Forum May

2004/ Taiwan International Animation Festival (TIAF) Taiwan 07.05.-16.05.

2004/ The 7th Skopje International Film Festival Macedonia 05.03.-14.03.

2004/ Tampere Short Film Festival Finland 03.03.-07.03.

2004/ 2nd Annual International Animated Film Festival BIMINI Latvia
01.04-04.04.2004 the BEST ANIMATION FILM FROM 10-30 min.

2004/ Potenza Film Festival (Short films and other stories) Italy 26.01.-29.01.

2004/ 12th Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart Germany 01.04-06.04. SWR AUDIENCE AWARD - 2nd PRIZE

2003/ Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya Spain 27.11-07.12

2003/ The XIII-th edition of DaKINO International Film Festival Bucharest Romania 24.11-29.11

2003/ International Short Film Festival Berlin "Katalog" Germany 04.11-09.11

2003/ The filmweek EU-XXL Wiena Austria 20.11-27.11.

2003/ 45.Nordische Filmtage Lbeck Germany 30.10.-02.11.

2003/ BAF National Museum of Photography,Film &Television UK 12.11-15.11

2003/ Foyle Film Festival Ireland 21.11 30.11

2003/ 5th International Panorama of Independent Creators Thessaloniki 28.09.-04.10. Greece

2003/ 27th International Animated Film Festival Espinho CINANIMA Portugal 10.11-16.11 THE PRIZE JOSE ABEL (QUALITY OF ANIMATION)

2003/ Lissabon MINIEXPO Portugal (estonian day) 20.08.(Eesti Lissaboni Seltsi kaudu)

2003/ Northen Lights Film Festival, Newcastle , September , England

2003/ 46th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film -Germany 14.10.-19.10

2003/ The 7th Ismailia International Film Festival For Documentaty and Shorts Films Egypt 27.09-02.10. BEST ANIMATION FILM

2003/ 8th International Environmental Film Festival Green Vision 28.09-01.10. St.Petresburg Russia - THE MOST ORIGINAL INTERPRETATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS

2003/ 48th Cork Film Festival 12.10-19.10 Ireland

2003/ 5th International Panorama of Independent Directors Thessaloniki 28.09.-04.10 Greece

2003/ International Amateur Film Festival of Kelibia 26.07.-02.08. (Estonian program) Tunisie


Creation techniques: marnukk / classical puppet animation
Year of production: 2003
Duration: 10 min
Premiere: 29.05.2003, Tallinn
Original format: 35mm
Colours: colour  
Sound format: dolby stereo  
Genre: Author film  
Script: Rao Heidmets
Direction: Rao Heidmets
Camera: Urmas Jemees
Design: Navitrolla
Animation: Triin Sarapik, Mrt Kivi, Andres Tenusaar, Prtel Tall, Leo Ltti
Music: Sven Grnberg
Sound: Horret Kuus
Puppets and decoration: Klli Jaama, Ene Mellow, Kaarel Kbarsepp, Taivo Mrsepp, Heigo Eeriksoo, Prtel Tall
Editing: Urmas Jemees, Rao Heidmets
Light: Roland Tiik
Assistant: Ragnar Neljand
Producer: Arvo Nuut
Production assistant: Maret Reismann
Produced by: O Nukufilm

  New film
  In production
In Nukufilm Studios there has been filmed the first digital stereocpical stop-animation puppet-film ever, together with Moscow Film and Photo Technology Reseach Institute NIKFI. NIKFI has come up with a special technology for making stereoscopical films and they have been awarded with Oscar in 1991...
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