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This is Carrot that unites all the characters of the story. The Hare doesnt have a carrot. But the Snowman has it. The Hare is hungry. The Snowman becomes persecuted. The Snowman tries to hide itself from the Hare by unbelievable camoflage and disguise, but it is the Carrot that betrays it again and again. The coming beautiful spring shows that the Snowman is not a real snowman and the trouble-maker Carrot becomes a sign of reconciliation.

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Eesti Kultuurkapital
Eesti Filmi Sihtasutus
Riho Unt

2017/ 7th Lithuanian Film Festival LITAUISCHES KINO GOES BERLIN 2.-6.11

2014/ "eLU Vivre i`Estonie a`Nantes" Nantes France 05.15.12.

2014/ 30th International Film Festival Festroia Setubal Portugal 06.-15.06.

2014/ International Film Festival Aubagne France 17.-22.03.
edition " Night of the Shorts"

2012/ New Horizons International Film Festival Warsaw Poland

2008/ 14th Festival on Wheels Turkey (retrospective) 30.10.-18.11.

2008/ Cineketje Cinema Nova Brussels Belgia 11.05.

2008/ Minneapolis-St.Paul International Film Festival Childish Films USA

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2008/ 3rd Annual Childrens Film Festival Seattele USA

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2007/ 3rd Annual Childrens Film Festival Seattele USA

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USA 4.-14.10.
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2004/ 3th International Film Festival for Childrens and Youth Buenos Aires Argentine 4.-10.11. THE PRIZE "GOLD KITE" TO THE BEST SHORT FILM FOR CHILDREN OF THE OFFICIAL JURY; SPECIAL MENTION OF THE SIGNIS JURY

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2004/ ZLIN 2004-44th International Film Festival for Children and Youth 30.05.-05.06.
2004/ Sancy Film Festival France 15.-20.06 -
A special mention by the Professional Jury during this second edition.

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Trebon 03.-08.05. Czech Republic

2004/ 12th InternationalesTrickfilm Festival Stuttgart Germany 01.04-06.04.

2004/ Potenza Film Festival (Short films and other stories) Italy 26.01.-29.01

Creation techniques: plastiliini animatsioon/ clay animation
Year of production: 2003
Duration: 7 min
Premiere: 24.oktoobril 2003 kinos
Original format: 35 mm
Colours: colour  
Sound format: dolby stereo  
Genre: Childrens film  
Target audience: pre-school children  
Script: Peep Pedmanson
Direction: Prtel Tall / kunstiline konsultant Priit Tender
Camera: Ragnar Neljandi, Urmas Sepp
Design: Prtel Tall
Animation: Mrt Kivi, Triin Sarapik, Prtel Tall, Andres Tenusaar
Music: Tiit Kikas
Sound: Avo Ulvik
Puppets and decoration: K. Jaama, E.Mellow, P.Saarepuu, M.Eerik, K..Kbarsepp, T.Mrsepp
Editing: Prtel Tall, Priit Tender, Urmas Sepp
Light: Roland Tiik, Ragnar Neljandi
Producer: Arvo Nuut
Production assistant: Maret Reismann
Produced by: Nukufilm O

  New film
  In production
In Nukufilm Studios there has been filmed the first digital stereocpical stop-animation puppet-film ever, together with Moscow Film and Photo Technology Reseach Institute NIKFI. NIKFI has come up with a special technology for making stereoscopical films and they have been awarded with Oscar in 1991...
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