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Animated film Tick-Tack is visualizing time and its fatal nature. In order to underline the time as a metaphysical phenomena there are a lot of clocks and watches and its part to characterize it. We all are given our time, this our time consists in reality in thousands of different times since even every cell in our body has its own time given to live and to die.

Watchmaker controls the time, but the mouse living in the watchmaker's workshop controls the clocks... This is a film about time and its ephemeral nature.

2018/ Little Big Shots: Australias International Film Festival for Kids

2018/ 30th Minimalen Short Film Festival

Trondheim Norway 23.-28.01.(Estonian program Nukufilm 60)

2018/ Martha`s Vinevard Film Festival USA

2018/ 9th Providence Children`s Film Festival USA Feb.

2017/ CICFF Chicago International Children`s Film Festival USA 27.10.-05.11.

2017/ Grundstein Festival Musao Vienna Austria 16.09.

2017 / Koala 1th Hancheng International Short Film Festival China 01.-08.10

2017/ Fantoche International Animation Film Festival Baden Switzerland
05.-10.09. programe Generation

2017/ Dokufest Kosovo 05.-13.08.
2017/ FICT International Short Film

2017/ FICT International Short Film Festival Torrelavega Spain 19.05.-03.06. DIPLOMA

2017/ 3rd Young art Nagaoka Festival Japan 25.03.-09.04.

2016/ Fincortex- International Short Film Festival 14.-16.12.

2017/ Estonian programe Anilogue Hungary

2016/ 23th International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima Krakow Poland
22.-27.11. HONOURABLE MENTION- Nancy Denney-Phelps award

2016/ ELMeu Primer Festival Barcelona Spain 12.-27.11.

2016/ Music Festival Laba Daba Riga Latvia 05.-08.08.

2016/ Cyber Sousa Xiamen International Animation Festival Xiamen China 20.-21.08. GOLD AWARD for BEST SHORT ANIMATES

2016/ FilmLabFestival Short Film Brescia Italy 08.-10.09.

2016/ Lahore International Children`s Film Festival Pakistan 21.-25.11.

2016/ 21th Milano Film Festival Italy 08.-18.09.

2016/ Music Festival Laba Daba Riga Latvia 05.-08.08.

2016/ 25 Festival de Cine de Madrid FCM PNR Spain 14.-25.10.

2016/ FICA 18th International Environmental Film and Video Festival Goias Brazil
16.08.-21.08. ( special programe for children)

2016/ Riga International Film Festival 2ANNAS ( Art Picnic ) Rezekne Latvia 24.07.
(programme for kids and families)

2016/ 10th International Festival Alto Vincentino Santorso Italy 14.-19.06

2016/ Youth Day Jekabpils Latvia 18.06.

2016/ Guanajuato International Film Festival Mexico 22.-31.07.
( out of competition)

2016/ 16th International Animation Festival Hiroshima Japan 18.-22.08.

2016/ 18th Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival Brasil 05.-14.08.

2016/ 14th MUMIA Animation Festival Belo Horizone Brazil Dets.

2016/ 14th Plein la Bobine Film Festival La Bourboule France 11.-17.06.

2016/ The Museum Night Liepaja latvia 21.05.

2016/ 31th ALPINALE Short Film Festival / Kid`s Film Festival Nenzing
Austria 09.-13.08.

2016/ International Animation Festival NONSTOP Barcelona Spain 18.-22.05.

2016/ 8th Leiden International Short Film Experience LISFE The Netherlands 29.-30.04.

2016/ 14th MUMIA Animation Festival Belo Horizonte Brazil Dets.

2016/ Estonian Film Days in Moscow Russia 27.02.

2016/ Estonian Week in Kyiev Ukraine 24.02.

2016/ Estonian Week in Budapest , Szegedi Hungary March

2016/ 11th International Film Festival for Youth and Children of Sousse Tunisia 28.03.-02.04.

2016/ 34th Cine-Jeune Film Festival Laon France March-April

2016/ Festival Trois Jours Trop Courts Caster France

2016/ FEC Festival- European Short Film Festival Reus Catalonia Spain 09.-13.03.

2016/ Freeze Frame International Film Festival Winnipeg Canada 06.-13.03.

2016/ The Film Festival Travelling in Rennes - Junior Short Film Competition Elephant d`or France 02.-09.02.

2016/ 9th Forum of Animated Films Cairo Egypt Feb.

2016/ 6th Fantastic Film Festival of Reunion Island - MEME PAS Peur Saint- Philippe Feb.

2016/ 3th PLAY Lisbon`s Kids Film Festival Portugal 13.-21.02.

2016/ 28th Minimalen Short Film Festival Trondheim Norway 27.-31.01. HONORABLE MENTION

2016/ European youth Film Festival of Flanders Belgium 06.-14.02.

2016/ Perth International Arts Festival Australia 20.-29.02.

2016/ 11th REDCAT International Children`s Film Festival Los Angeles USA

2016/ Children`s Film Festival Seattle Washington USA 21.-31.01.

2015/ 14th Magma International Short Film Festival Acireale Italy 25.-28.11.

2015/ 5th Brasil Stop Motion International Film Festival Recife Brasil 24.-28.11. BEST ANIMATION

2015/ The International Festival of Animated Arts Multivision St. Petersburg Russia 24.10.-30.11.

2015/ 12th Animated Film Festival ANIMATEKA Ljubljana Slovenia 07.-13.12.

2015/ Sunchild Festival Yerevan Armenia 12.-15.11.

2015/ 7th ENMUT Festival Barcelona Spain 25.-31.10.

2015/ The International Festival of Animated Arts Multivision St. Petersburg Russia 24.10.-30.11

2015/ 23th ALTER-NATIVE Short Film Festival Tirgu Mures Romania 04.-08.11.

2015/ SPARK Animation Festival Vancouver Canada 21.-25.10.

SPECIAL MENTION_BEST STOP MOTION For its outstanding stop motion technique and unique design

2015/ 7th CutOut Fest International Animation & Digital Art Festival Mexico 12.15.11.

2015/ Film Festival in Arras France a retrospective of last year`s 03.-10.12.

2015/ Tehran International Short Film Festival Iran 12.-18.11.

2015/ International Animated Film Festival CINANIMA Espinho Portugal 09.-15.11.
International Non-Competitive Programme- Animated Mermaid

2015/ Fredrikstad Animation Film Festival Norway 12.-15.11.

2015/ ALCINE - 45th European Short Film Competition Madrid Portugal 06.-13..11.

2015/ LIAF London International Animation Festival UK

2015/ 12th Sedicicorto Film Festival Forli Italy 08.-17.10.

2015/ 26th the Cimemagic International Film and Television Festival for Young People Belfast Ireland , UK Oct.-Nov.

2015/ 14th Reggio Film Festival Reggio Emilia Italy 23.-27.10.

2015/ Stoptrik International Film Festival Slovenia Slovenia Oct.

2015/ 15th Nice European short Film Festival France 09.-16.10.
Junior program Fenetre sur competition

2015/ 25th International Animated Film Festival Les Nuits Magiques Begles France 02.-13.12.

2015/ 5th International Animation Festival Be there! Corfu Greece 15.-18.10.

2015/ 7th International Festival of Animated Films TOFUZI Batumi Georgia 05.-10.10.

2015/ CINAMBULE 22th Short Movies Festival Court c`est Court d`Avignon in Provence France 18.-22.11.
2015/ 22th FJR Granada International Short Film Festival Spain 19.-25.10.

2015/ AnimaSyros International Animation Festival Syros Island Greece 24.-27.09.

2015/ 8th Central and European Film Festival Cineast Luxembourg 08.-25.10.

2015/ New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Sapporo Japan 31.10.-03.11. Panorama

2015/ 18th International Animated Film Festival Animaevka Mogiljev Belarus 14.09.

2015/ 14th Magma International Short Film Festival Acireale Italy 25.-28.11.

2015/ 12th The Riga International Film Festival 2ANNAS Latvia 22.-27.09.

2015/ 22th Festival Court c`est Court Association Cinambule Cabrieres dAvignon in Provence France 18.-22.11.

2015/ 6th Anibar Anination Festival Peja Republic of Kosovo 20.-26.08.

2015/ ANIMANIMA 9th International Animation Festival Cacak Serbija 10.-13.09.

2015/ 11th InDPanda International Film Festival Hong Kong Aug.-sept.

2015/ 7th Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival Canada 25.-27.09.

2015/ International Animated Film Festival KROK Ukraine 27.09.-03.10.

2015/ 12th Sedicicorto Film Festival ANIMALAB Forli Italy 08.-17.10.

2015/ CINEKID European Short Animation Film Competition Amsterdam The Netherlands 15.-23.10

2015/ Santiago de Compostela International Short Film Festival Spain 06.-11.10.

2015/ 21th Short Film & Animation Festival Bristol UK 15.-20.09.

2015/ FILMETS Badalona Film Festival Barcelona Spain 20.-29.11.

2015/ 30th Brest European Short Film Festival France 10.-15.11.
Animation Panorama

2015/ Fantoche International Animation Film Festival Baden Switzerland 01.-06.09. BADENER EHRENPREIS AWARD

2015/ International Independent FilmFestival of Mar del Plata (Marcifi) 10.08.

2015/ International Environmental TV Festival To Save and Preserve Khanty- Mansiysk Russia 01.-06.06 BEST DIRECTION

2015/ 8th Fest Anca International Animation Festival Bratislava Slovak Republic 24.-28.06.

2015/ 23th Animamundi International Animation Festival of Brazil 10.-19.07. Rio de Janeiro 22.-26.07. Sao Paulo Barzil

2015/ Melbourne International animation Festival ( MIAF ) Australia 21.-28.06.

2015/ Estonian Film Days in St. Petersburg Russia 25.05.

2015/ 69th Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) Scotland UK 17.-28.06.
2015/ 25th Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schwerin Germany 05.-10.05.

2015/ Annecy International Animation Film Festival France 15.-20.06. Out of programe

2015/ 12th VIS Vienna Independent Shorts Austria 26.-30.05.
Young Animation Avantgarde Program The Art of Story Telling

2015/ 55th Krakow Film Festival Poland 31.05.-07.06.

2015/ The 19th Seoul International Cartoon& Animation Festival ( SICAF ) Korea 23.-28.05.

2015/ Animatricks Animation Festival Helsinki Finland 24.-26.04.

2015/ 26th Ankara international Film Festival Trkyie 23.04.-03.05.
Programe Best of Estonian Dreams

2015/ 25th MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Cathering Festival
Gyr Hungary 28.04.-02.05.

2015/ 6th International Animation Short Film Festival Roanne France 24.-30.03.

2015/ 45th Tampere Film Festival Finland 04.-08.03.

2015/ 15th Lisbon Animated Film Festival MONSTRA Portugal 12.-22.03.
JURY HONORABLE MENTION at the Short Film Competition

2014/ Animated Dreams International Film Festival Tallinn Estonia 19.-23.11.

Creation techniques: marnukk
Year of production: 2015
Duration: 9'30
Premiere: 19. novembril 2014 Tallinnas
Original format: 2K
Colours: colour  
Sound format: stereo  
Genre: Author film  
Target audience: family film  
Script: lo Pikkov
Direction: lo Pikkov
Camera: Raivo Mllits
Design: Anu Laura Tuttelberg
Animation: Mrt Kivi
Music: Maarja Nuut
Sound: Horret Kuus / B6 Studio
Puppet makers: Kaarel Kbarsepp, Ene Mellov, Olga Bulgakova, Merili Laur, Triin Paumer, Heigo Eeriksoo
Decoration prepatarion: Mait Eerik, Roman Kuznetsov
Digital postproduction: Raivo Mllits
jumestus: Karolina Veetamm
Editing: lo Pikkov
Light: Vladimir Voronov, Olari Lass
Cast: Kalju Kivi
Producer: Kerdi Oengo, Andrus Raudsalu
Production assistant: Maret Reismann
Produced by: Nukufilm O/Andrus Raudsalu

  New film
  In production
In Nukufilm Studios there has been filmed the first digital stereocpical stop-animation puppet-film ever, together with Moscow Film and Photo Technology Reseach Institute NIKFI. NIKFI has come up with a special technology for making stereoscopical films and they have been awarded with Oscar in 1991...
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