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Documentary-based animation about a dream that eventually comes true in a film.
A 10-uear old girl longed for a puppy as a birthday present. Her dissappointment was very big when instead puppy she got father she had no idea he was still alive. This documentary based film tells a story about a very long-standing dream that kept him alive through many years and actually will come true only now, through this film.

Empty Space invokes a past memory, an apartment that once existed, and a small girl dwelling and playing there. It presents a story forged in the dreams of the father hiding from Soviet terror. Empty Space is a reconstruction of a vision on the backdrop of the anxieties of the 1950s in Soviet Union.
In 1944, Leonhard Lina (19141994), a former officer of Estonian Defence Forces, went into hiding to avoid capture and imprisonment. Trapped in a small hollow in the double ceiling of a potato storage and longing for his home, he built a miniature replica of it. He crafted altogether 217 tiny pieces of furniture and household items. The doll furniture was meant as a present for his daughter, Merike, whom hed been forced to leave only a few months after her birth. Using whatever materials he could get, Leonhard made for her a perfect copy of their former apartment. Merike was already 10 years old when she finally got her present, after Leonhard received a message that he is not being accused of anything and can come out of hiding. By that time, Leonhard had been underground for 10 years.
Empty Space invokes a past memory, an apartment that once existed, and a small girl dwelling and playing there. It presents a story forged in the dreams of the father hiding in the potato storage. Empty Space is a reconstruction of a vision on the backdrop of the anxieties of the 1950s the aftermath of the war, the mass deportations, the forced collectivization, the ambushing of the Forest Brothers.
The sets of the film use Leonhard Linas original doll furniture and a puppet fashioned after Merikes childhood photos. Empty Space draws on interviews with Leonhard Linas daughter Merike.

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Articles about the film:

1.Merike met her father for the first time when she was ten years old.

2 While he was hiding from the Soviet terror during the years 1944 - 1954,
Merikes father constructed a miniature copy of his former home,
hoping to one day give it to his daughter as a present.

3. All I knew was that my father was dead. And then I got
this surprise - my father suddenly appeared and gave me
the doll furniture as a present! But I was also a little disappointed.
The furniture was beautiful, but I was already a big girl
and didnt play with dolls any more...

Creation techniques: marnukk/classical puppet
Year of production: 2016
Duration: 10'
Original format: 2K
Colours: colour  
Sound format: dolby stereo  
Genre: Author film  
Target audience: adults  
Script: lo Pikkov
Direction: lo Pikkov
Camera: Raivo Mllits
Design: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
Animation: Marili Sokk
Music: Prt Uusberg
Sound: Horret Kuus
Decoration prepatarion: Ene Mellov, Anne Kabel, Katariina Aule, Heigo Eeriksoo
CGI composer: Mait Erik, Roman Kuznetsov
Digital postproduction: Raivo Mllits
Make up: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
Editing: lo Pikkov, Raivo Mllits
Light: Volli Voronov
Producer: Kerdi Oengo
Production assistant: Maret Reismann
Produced by: Nukufilm O/Andrus Raudsalu

  New film
  In production
In Nukufilm Studios there has been filmed the first digital stereocpical stop-animation puppet-film ever, together with Moscow Film and Photo Technology Reseach Institute NIKFI. NIKFI has come up with a special technology for making stereoscopical films and they have been awarded with Oscar in 1991...
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