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Rao Heidmets

is born in 1956 in Prnu, Estonia. He graduated from the Tallinn Technical University, faculty of electro-energetics as the engineer of electric networks and systems.
After the finishing university in 1982 he changed career and went to the Tallinnfilm studios to make animated films. At first as animator and from 1983 as film director. Among his anima-films there are a lot of prized films like:
DOVE AUNT. Best animated film in a III Soviet Union Young Filmmakers Festival in Kishinjov, 1983
GIRAFE. III price in Soviet Union Animated Film Festival in Repino, 1986 Nominated for Nike (Russian Oscar) in animated film category, 1987
THEATRE PAPA CARLO. Grand Prix in XIII International Filmfestival Cinanima in Portugal, 1989, Selected in competition program at International Film Festival in Cannes, 1989.
II price in Soviet Union Animated Film Festival in Tbilisi, 1988
NOBLESSE OBLIGE. Nominated to NIKE ( Russian Oscar) in animated film category 1989
II price in Soviet Union Animated Film Festival in Bolshevo, 1990. Was in special program Best Of The World of the 4th International Animation Festival in Japan, Hiroshima, 1992
LIVINGROOM. Won Kentaur, Best animated film price in St. Petersburg Short Film Festival Message to Man 1994. Awarded with personal price by Jury member Rosella Lamina in 11th International Odense Film Festival 1995. Special Price Of Jury in 1st International Film Festival in Antalya, 1995
DEAR MISTER MOON. Kinder and Jugendfilm Jury price at Cottbus Filmfestival in Germany, 1998.
Kinder jury price in 5thFestival International de Cine Para Ninos (y no tan Ninos) in Mexico City 1999.
BIRTHDAY CAKE. Commercial. Promotional Award for excellent realization in the 38th Festival of the All Japan Radio & Television 1998.
In 1991 he established her own studio Rao Heidmets Filmstudio.
In 1998 he finished his 1st professional feature film as director and producer - the all family action film Dear Mister Moon.
In 1990 he was a member of Jury at International Filmfestival Cinanima in Portugal.
He have also made several workshops to students and children:
Animation Film Festival workshop for animators in Stuttgart, Germany.
Workshop for film students principles of puppet film making at Volda's University in Norway. Animation workshops for children in Mexico, in Estonia.
Principles of puppet film making workshop at America in Dartmouth colleges.
First personal exhibition of graphics and drawings in Cinema House of Tallinn, in 1986.
Exhibition as a member of artist group Tallinnfilmi srrealistid in Tantsutare, Tallinn, in 1986.
Exhibition as a member of artist group Tallinnfilmi srrealistid in Tartu Art Museum, 1987.
Exhibition as a member of artist group Esttranssrr in Vaasa, Finland, in 1988.
Exhibition as a member of artist group Reanimierungsfeld in Germany in Bielefeld, in 1993.
He have made the coproduction programs for TV with Utbildningsradio in Sweden and in Bielefeld local TV in Germany.
Since 1996 he is a foreman of Estonian Animations Union.
Since 1997- 1999 he is a member of Estonian Film Foundations Expert Board.
Since 1999-2001 he is a executive producer in Estonian State TV in Children and Youth Programs.
In 1999 he participate in International Media Non Grata Festival in Tallinn.
In 2001 he was a member of Jury at XVII International Odense Filmfestival in Denmark.


| 2018 | Childrens film | stereo | colour |
coming soon |

Rao Heidmets, Pauline Heidmets
Zoo is overcrowded, tons of animals and visitors. Everybody is pleased with the situation, especially animals. Forest is taboo. No grown-up risks with going into the woods. But the children occur sudd ...
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Oracle is Born...?

| 2011 | Author film | stereo | colour |

Rao Heidmets
Human beeing is the slave of his imagination. It is a long and complicated journy of finding the way out of it and it requires a good memory. ...
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| 2008 | Author film | colour |

Rao Heidmets
This film should be the artistic approach to our nearest future. We can see media to play continously more greater role in the arrangement of the social life. How we can get more precise results in th ...
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| 2006 | Author film | colour |

Rao Heidmets
A smart leader can keep the culture of his nation ingenous for a long time,but he is helpless against the interchange of genes. ...
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| 2005 | colour |

Rao Heidmets
The strongest power is oldest power. ...
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| 2005 | colour |

Rao Heidmets
What happens, when the time get's crazy...? ...
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| 2003 | Comission work | stereo | colour |

Rao Heidmets
Everyday love affair. ...
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| 2003 | Author film | colour |

Rao Heidmets
(A film about) What happens when the Maker loses controle over his creation and it starts to obay it's own will. Highly reccommended for close attention to everyone involved in cloning, AI creation an ...
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| 1994 | Author film | mono | b/w | 1 reel /234m |

Rao Heidmets
Film about conflict between young and old generations. In this animated film with live actors the protagonist is a girl, who is brought up by her grandfather. he lives in a strictly regulated world wh ...
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| 1991 | Childrens film | mono | colour | 1 reel / 285m |

Rao Heidmets
Before the Christmas a strange world of dwarfs awakens. Snow-white dwarfs make presents of snow and ice. During the course of work the dwarfs become coloured themselves their world becomes beautiful ...
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| 1989 | Author film | mono | colour | 1 reel / 280m |

Rao Heidmets
NOBLESSE OBLIGE balancing on the borderline of the real and the unreal strives to express the monotony of this world, its illusory character, and emphasizes the lack of spirituality in the life bas ...
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| 1988 | Author film | mono | colour | 1 reel/280m |

Rao Heidmets
A totalitarian society destroys itself, sooner or later the people cannot take it anymore and then, over papa Carlos a path to the doors of freedom is laid. ...
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| 1987 | mono | colour | 1 reel / 225,1m |

Rao Heidmets
no synopsis ...
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| 1986 | Author film | mono | colour | 1 reel/264,7m |

Rao Heidmets
There lives only one animal in the zoo – a giraffe. No one except a little girl comes to visit it. To attract visitors the director of the zoo orders an advertising giraffe. But then it turns ou ...
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| 1985 | Childrens film | mono | colour | 1 reel / 274,1m |

Rao Heidmets
no synopsis ...
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| 1983 | Childrens film | mono | colour | 1 reel / 259,6m |

Rao Heidmets
A fairetale for children, in which goodness has the power to win all... ...
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  Film Workshop
In Nukufilm Studios there has been filmed the first digital stereocpical stop-animation puppet-film ever, together with Moscow Film and Photo Technology Reseach Institute NIKFI. NIKFI has come up with a special technology for making stereoscopical films and they have been awarded with Oscar in 1991...
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