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Nukufilm has made over 200 films within past 60 years. We deal with all kinds of stop motion techniques: cut out-, puppet-, object and clay animation, pixilation, 2D animation and mixed techniques. Our films have been represented in all the well known animation festivals and have won more than 250 awards.

Depending on project there are about 25 people working in Nukufilm studio. Most of them professional directors, animators, artists, puppet-makers, set builders, cameramen, gaffers, compositors, editors etc. We hire other professionals depending on the extent and complicity of projects.

In a year Nukufilm produces 90 minutes of pure animation:

Author films, Series and films for children, Films for the young, Family films, Commission works, Joint-projects.

Today studio is situated just outside most wonderful Tallinn Old Town at 11 Niine street in an old money factory which was used as a sock fabric in Soviet times. The total area of the studio is 670 m2, including 4 studios for classical puppet animation and 3-dimensional shooting and one pavilion for cut-out shooting. In addition to that there are workshops for making the puppets and props, compositing and editing department and also offices and storage space.
Nukufilm has been and is a platform for many talented directors and artists over the years. We┬┤re always seeking for new talents, stories, ideas and challenges.