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1. Lonely and hopeless man discoveres in himself an ability to fall in love. His beloved is the same kind of outcast of the society as himself. Together they are trying to escape from the roles and predictedness imposed and will try to find a way to a new and happy life.

2. On one day a man realises that everything has changed and that has nothing to do with the middle-age crisis. He begins to realise that he is living in the shit, eats shit and a major part of him is also shit. His beloved makes the same discovery at the same time in the other end of the world. The destiny brings them together and they start their fight with the shit that appears around thema and within them.

3.Grab at the remote control and start press a channel button. Quickly.... and senselessly....quickly... and.... senselessly. Asocially and insulting a human dignity as...


2016/ 6th StopTrik International Film Festival Slovenian-Polish festival 27.-30.10. Estonian programme

2011/ The 11th Tel Aviv Animation Festival Israel 17.-20.08.

2011/ 5th Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival (CinDi) Seoul South Korea 17.-23.08.

2010/ Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam programe Illusions of Reality The Netherlands 10.12.

2010/ 10th Oldenburg Short Film Days zwergWERK Germany 25.-28.11.

2010/ Animateka International Animation Film Festival Ljubljana Slovenija 06.12.12.

2010/ Fredrikstad Animation Festival Norway 06.-14.11.

2010/ The Lausanne Underground Film & music Festival LUFF Switzwerland
20-24.10. BEST SHORT FILM ( in the category animation)

2010/ Stockholm International Film Festival Sweden17.-28.11.

2010/ 15th Ourense International Film Festival Spain 01.-09.10.

2010/ Anim`est Bucharest International festival of Animated Films Romania 08.17.10

2010/ International Animation Film Festival for and by Children (AniFestROZAFA) Shkodra Albania 04.-09.10.

2010/ 34th International Animated Film Festival CINANIMA Espinho Portugal 08.-14.11.

2010/ International Animation Film Festival TINDIRINDIS 25.-31.10. Vilnius Lithuania

2010/ ANICAM TV International Animation Festival Galicia Spain

2010/ L/ Etrange Festival Auvers sur Oise France 03.-12.09.

2010/ 12th Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation Germany 14.-17.10.

2010/ XX Message to Man International Documentary,Short and Animated Film Festival
St.Petersburg Russia 15.-22.07.

2010/ 3rd edition of the International Animated film Competition ANIMATOR Poznan Poland 12.17.07.

2010/ Sembrando Cine Film Festival Lima Peru 05.06.

2010/ 12th Internatsional Festival of Environmental Film and Video FICA Goias Brazil 08.-13.06.

2010/ 34th International Animation Film Festival programe politically Incorrect Annecy France 07.-12.06.

2010/ The London International Animation Festival UK 29.08.-05.09.

2010/ Laputa Animated Film Festival Japan 02.-29.05.

2010/ The International Festival of Animated Films ANIFEST World Panorama Teplice Czech Republic 18.-23.05.

2010/ Melbourne International Animation Festival MIAF Australia 21.-27.06.

2010/ MEDIAWAVE Internnational Film and Music Festival Gyr Hungary 30.04.-16.05.

2010/ 17.International Trickfilm Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart Germanny 04.-09.05.

2010/ 4th edition of the International Genre Film Festival Mauvais Genre Tours France 02.-05.04. (out of competition)

Creation techniques: segatehnika/mixed techniques
Year of production: 2009
Duration: 17 min
Premiere: 18.11.2009
Colours: colour  
Sound format: stereo  
Genre: Author film  
Target audience: adults  
Script: Jelena Girlin, Mari Liis Bassovskaja
Direction: Girlin-Bassovskaja
Camera: Ragnar Neljandi
Design: Jelena Girlin, Mari -Liis Bassovskaja
Animation: Mrt Kivi,Triin Sarapik-Kivi,Marili Toome,Andres Tenusaar
Music: Malle Maltis
Sound: Horret Kuus
Puppets and decoration: Klli Jaama,Ene Mellow,Piret Sigus,Kreeta Keri,Taivo Mrsepp,Kaarel Kbarsepp,Heigo Eeriksoo
CGI composer: Raivo Mllits, Villem Tammaru, Ragnar Neljandi
Light: Olari Lass,Malle Valli
Producer: Arvo Nuut
Production assistant: Maret Reismann, Kerdi Oengo
Produced by: Nukufilm O

  Film Workshop
In Nukufilm Studios there has been filmed the first digital stereocpical stop-animation puppet-film ever, together with Moscow Film and Photo Technology Reseach Institute NIKFI. NIKFI has come up with a special technology for making stereoscopical films and they have been awarded with Oscar in 1991...
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